Baby Nasal Aspirator / Nose Cleaner (Tube Type)

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Great product with soft tip that ensures your baby does not get hurt. 


I personally use it and love it. Have tried another which is 3-4 times the price of this but still find this better because:

  1. Tubes are easy to clean - the tubes are soft and not too long to manage. You can also buy the mini brush used to clean children’s water bottle straw to clean the inside of the tube. 
  2. All parts detachable - means you can get them cleaned! I also love it that the mouth piece isn’t some soft plastic so it’s easy for my mouth to “grip on”
  3. Compact - could easily put this in a small drawstring pouch and bring it out if required 
  4. Not as pricey - I can easily buy 2, one as spare, and not break the bank for it 
  5. Good structure - there’s nothing scientific about it that I can share but I just find the overall length, etc a very good size and makes the whole process of extracting the mucus from my baby’s nose painless for both of us


To me this is a definite life saver. I have tried the bulb kind - I own more than one of diffeeenr brands and always fail at achieving what I need done, with those. This one the other hand is a “sure-win”. 


Note: Limited stock available - do grab it before it runs out.

If you are really keen but there’s insufficient stock at the point of your order, I will place another order just for you! Waiting time is about 2weeks. Message me if you have any questions (: