My FIRST Post...

Posted by Sofia Castle on

Hello Friends!

This is my first post in a VERY long while! And by that I don't mean a post on this website but in my LIFE! It has been a long while since I last sat down to write. I was musing with the idea the entire day and was really looking forward to do this! 

Well, I haven't really collected my thoughts on what I want to write about but I thought it was appropriate that I should tell you a bit more about myself!

I am a Mama to 2 babies who are now 3 and 1 years old - Baby 1 and Baby E. I am a crafting mama wannabe (HAHA!). I am that friend of yours who loves a good bargain and can't wait to share it with you! I love sourcing for good buys and getting good deals for my family and friends!

I love surprises but I always prefer to ask people what they want as gifts because I want to give something that is practical and/ or would definitely be put to good use! This also explains why I have a collection of Personalised Products on my website! Because I realised that people can't resist a personalised gift and the likelihood of them chucking it in the bin or giving it away the NEXT Christmas, is close to zero :0)

I am gonna keep this short because there will be plenty opportunities for us to chat about everything under the sun soon!

Until then, be blessed! You've got this!

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