Customised Die-Cut Vinyl Decal

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So, that day I spoke a bit about myself and how I L-O-V-E the idea of personalised gifts! Today, let me talk about one of them which is my ultimate loveeeee, and it's Die-Cut Vinyl Decal!

To put it in the simplest layman's term, it's customised die-cut sticker which you can stick on any smooth surfaces and thus making that item your very own personalised / customised item!! HOW VERY COOL IS THAT?!?! 

That was the simplest way I could explain it but there's so much more these customised vinyl decal can do! The list of items which can be customised using vinyl decal includes but is not limited to - waterbottle, handphone cover, mirror, walls, powerbank, bike helmet, car/ bike wheels, window, etc etc!

It could make your dull looking wall into a feature wall! Check out the pictures I'm gonna attach below - it's the mockup of one of the projects I did for a customer, based on her request. Sky is the limit!

Customised Wall Decal

If you are ready to spruce up your space, head over to Customised Vinyl Decal where the fees include designing work! If you are just looking to have a name decal or basically anything that's just one word - head over to Customised Name Decal

Drop us a note or use the Message Us button if you need any help! We take Corporate orders too. Pricing can be discussed. :)

Until we talk again, know that you are in my prayers! Have a blessed week ahead!

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